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Sonja was one of the first artisans at the original Calgary Farmers Market at the Currie Barracks. When the market decided to move to a new location at the beginning of 2011, Sonja decided it was a great time to open her own store. Sonja embellishes one of a kind Jean Jackets, sews silk scarves and makes jewelry. She has also just started a new line of embellished upcycled jackets. Everything is environmentally friendly

From Sonja:

The store is named NIKOLA to honor my daughter Nicole. Nicole passed into spirit February 18, 2006 at the age of 13. As well as honoring Nicole I hope the store honors all women.

Nikola is all about helping women to transform how they feel about themselves by how they dress. Most lines are natural fibres. I love natural fibres because they feel great, look great, have a fabulous drape, easy to care for and allow the skin to breathe.

I believe I fill a need in the Calgary marketplace by providing original clothing, or lines not found elsewhere in Calgary, natural fibres, lots of color and clothing that is made well and fits well.